F.M. was established in 1984 as a small subcontracting firm whose activity consisted in the construction and repair of marble and granite processing machinery.
Over the years, as it built up experience, F.M. became specialised in the construction of machines for marble, granite and similar types of stone, mainly belt polishers for straight and toroidal edges.
The success and growth achieved by the company in recent years are the result of its professionalism, commitment and continual efforts to improve its products.
Precisely for this reason F.M. is highly attentive and sensitive to its customers’ demands, guaranteeing consistently prompt service and support.
F.M. machines are present throughout the European and international markets: their broad distribution highlights the quality of the product.
F.M. offers support for new machinery in Italy and abroad.
F.M. di Massaro Giuliano, via Pasubio, 17/f - 37069 Villafranca di Verona (Italy) Telefono e Fax +39 045 7902763 (multilinea)

Automatic side
polisher for
marble and granite

Bull edge - polishing for marble and granite
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